The effects of occupation and lifestyle on general health

Our lifestyles are many responsible in determining our general health. For example if you have a lifestyle where you are constantly exposing your body to harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol it is highly likely that your body will suffer and you are likely to develop some health issues. If you live a life where you are not having enough physical exercise, your body will also suffer due to unfitness which can lead to many other health complications.

In the modern day that we are living in mankind is forced to live lives that are centered on work and other money making activities. Many times being so constricted to one activity will lead to the individual suffering in other areas especially areas that involve physical and psychological health.

I work in a fashion store where I deal with leggings of the latest fashions and designs. I am a victim of such a lifestyle that viciously prevents me from enjoying other aspects of life. My life as a fashion store has also had adverse effects on my health especially my body weight.

Working in the fashion store I do not move around much. Many times when there are no customers in the room I am sited at the computer checking out the records, following up on orders, following up on clients, or poring over the internet looking for new designs.

Close to the fashion store where I work there is a fast food diner that serves some very delicious burgers and French fries. Many times I order my lunch and other snacks from this fast food café. Obviously the food is not very healthy food but it is so delicious that I cannot keep myself from ordering the junk food day in day out.

I work at the store until late in the evening. After closing shop I often have dates with friends. I live in the same town where I grew up and being a particularly social and friendly person I have many friends. Many evenings I meet with my other girlfriends and have fun together. During these times we are often in some cafeteria and we usually have some snacks.

This lifestyle has had massive negative impact on my weight. I noticed myself gaining weight a few years back but I did not pay it much mind always intending to in the near future change my lifestyle and live a healthier life.

A few months back I decided to get serious and do something about the situation. I made up my mind not to take any more junk foods and I made up my mind to be eating healthy home cooked food. I embraced healthy foods that are good for fighting weight including hummus and apple cider vinegar. I was successful for a few weeks but I slowly relapsed and went back to my habit.

I intend to make another try at healthy living. With my job and my clique of friends I know it will be tough. Maybe I need to change my job and also do something about my friends and our evenings.

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