My love affair with kayaking has kept strong since childhood to adulthood

I love kayaking a lot. I grew up in a town that was close to two huge rivers that had calm waters where many of the locals went fishing and we had all kinds of water recreational activities in them. The rivers were channels of transport for all kinds of water vessels that moved goods and people up and downstream. There were also local small water vessels such as boats, kayaks, and even different types of rafts that people used to move across to the other side or to fish on the rivers which always had lots of fish.

There were numerous spots on the river where the river was very wide and the water moved very slowly and these spots were usually used for water recreational activities such as swimming and recreational boating. As kids we had some favorite spots where we went to swim and whenever we could get our hands on a boat of some kind we would take adventures across the lake.

As I grew up I grew fond of the kayak. Kayaks were not very many and apart from the kayaks that could be hired from a recreational kayaking resort that was a few miles downstream, there were only a handful of personal privately owned kayaks. I was fortunate since my father had a kayak which he had acquired due to his love for fishing. He was a professional angler in his younger days and this had led to him buying the kayak.

When I was older and he was also much older, my dad bought an old town predator kayak which was highly optimized for fishing. This made me have a chance to use the older kayak which my father did not have much use for but could not sell it due to the attachment he had with it.

With strict instructions on my safety and the safety of the kayak my father would once in a while let me take out the kayak. I loved the solitary peace that I derived when kayaking alone on the river waters. It was a sit in kayak and could only be used by a single person. Many times during my teen years and my early adult life I would take the kayak and take to the waters whenever I was feeling down and I would often come back feeling much better.

As an adult with a family I have continued with my love for kayaking. Luckily, in the city where I like there is a safe lake nearby that has several safe places where people can go and enjoy water recreational activities.

At first I would go alone until one time I managed to convince to go kayaking with me. At first she had been very frightened of the prospect until one day I had managed to convince her to go along with me in a tandem kayak. After a few escapades in a tandem kayak she had finally been able to gather courage and go in her own kayak.

Today many of our weekends we spend them kayaking with our children who also embraced the love for kayaking.

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