I quit my job to be a stay at home mom and raise my kids

I am a stay at home mom by choice. Many women today view being a stay at home mom as being disadvantaged. On the contrary I view this as being the best thing that any woman could want especially if one has some kids. I have four kids and I have raised all of them all by myself apart from a short period when I had to hire a nanny to help.

When I was getting married, I was working in a bank as an IT specialist. As a lady this was a very promising job for me and it had a bright future. This was however not the case for me. My husband also preferred having his kids raised by their mother and this was one of the reason that made me love him so much. Even before getting married we had therefore already agreed that once we got children I would quit my job and instead concentrate on raising our children.

Luckily, my husband had, and still has, a very good job. He is also in IT and he is the head of the IT department in the company he is working for. The company is a mega company that pays him very well and his salary can comfortably support us and allow us some luxury.

My love for household stuff and being a house wife is a quality that I acquired much of from my mother. My mother was a house wife who raised me and my six siblings with a lot of love and dedication. Being the eldest daughter and the second born, I also had many responsibilities. Working with my mom she taught me many things about housekeeping and maintaining a home. My mother loved her work so much that she made me also love it.

When I had my kids I therefore did not have much trouble adapting to the chores that I needed to accomplish to manage the home. The only times I needed help was just before and after delivering my babies. At this time I would be too weak and I had a nanny come and help me with the work.

During the rest of the time I did all the work. To be able to accomplish all the work effectively, I invested in some kitchen appliances such as a food processor and an immersion blender which were very helpful especially in the preparation of the baby’s food.

To help in cleaning I had an efficient dish washer that greatly helped in cleaning the dishes which were a constant especially after I got my second born. To clean the house I had an efficient vacuum cleaner which helped vacuum the floors in a short time and with a lot of ease.

As my children grew older and their demands changed, I had to buy other items such as toys for each of them. I could not always have an eye out for each and so I kept the very active ones busy with toys. I also bought other kitchen appliances such as a rice cooker when the kids started eating solid food.

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