Cooking As a Form of Art

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We need food to function and without it we are nothing as human beings. Each culture has its own unique food and ways of preparing food. Some individuals even go to culinary arts schools to learn the craft of creating food. There’s more to food than just nutrition – it can an art form as well.

Food as Art

food-as-artThink of all the times you have sat behind a table and just had a look at the food being served. When food is created by someone else it can be visually attractive and stunning. Think of elaborate cakes or a colorful vegetable dish for example. The way we present food is very visual and it’s artistic too. In culinary arts schools you learn the fine craft of not only cooking but creating food that looks amazing on the plate. Using a combination of science and intuition, you can craft unique new flavors and control the experience of the taster. The type of serving dish you use as well as how you arrange the food on the plate is part of the process of enjoying food.

If you look at a painting and then look at a similar painting by another artist there are always some subtle differences in the painting. No two painting are going to be alike and in the same way no two dishes are going to be the same. Each person that creates a dish is an artist and their own unique style and flair goes into creating that dish. When we enjoy a dish of food we can engage the senses such as taste, smell, and when the food looks good it cаn be seen as more of a pleasure to eat.

Food is a creation by the chef that makes the dish, but it can be something simple or intricate when it’s served in finer restaurants. Food just isn’t something to be eaten, it can be visually appealing and this is all part of the process of enjoying food. Some food doesn’t even look attractive but it still tastes good. Each chef using the plate to create whatever vision they have in their head. You can see how creative some chefs can be when you watch cooking shows and you can examine the different ideas and interpretations each chef has with the dish given to them. Each one creates something different and unique to that chef.

Culinary arts schools can teach you how to use food as your canvas and to create intricate artistic dishes that look amazing as well as taste wonderful. When you work with food you are an artist just like a painter or a sculpture. You’re sculpting food into whatever vision you have for that food and presenting it on a plate for people to enjoy. The presentation of the food can be simple or it can be very complex. No two chefs will create the same thing so it’s easy to see why we call it the culinary arts. The way we cook food is an art form but the way we present that food is an art form too.

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