Comparing the old town predator Vs the Sea Eagle 370 kayaks

Sea Eagle 370 canoe is another piece of fine art from the Sea Eagle Manufacturer. This kayak is the improved version of sea Eagle 330. It comes in a bigger size enhanced with better features necessary for the best kayaking experience.

Sea Eagle 370 is slightly longer compared to 330 models and therefore better suited for two people. The 370 model has a bigger space that allows one to carry extra food, personal effects and the general kayaking accessories. This model is also considered more stable than the 330 canoes. It however carries some features that are just like the other models. These include self-draining valves, inflatable spray skirts and adjustable deluxe seats.

Just like other models released by the manufacturer, Sea Eagle 370 is similarly strong, sturdy and durable. It is longer and stretches up to 12 foot and 2 inches when fully inflated with a width of two Foot and 10 Inches.  This model is also heavier but still light enough to be carried by a solo paddler. This model can handle a load of up 650 pounds comfortably. It is therefore suitable for families and camping trips.

Sea Eagle 370 is easy to set up just like the smaller version. Both versions can be inflated and set up within five minutes. The deluxe seats are easily adjustable to paddle tandem and they are extremely stable. Just like in other models, the manufacturer offers a three year warranty just to assure the buyers that they are investing their money in quality products.

Old Town Predator

Old Town predator features a Predator Series that comprises of predator MX, Predator XL and the Predator 13 canoes. This series of highly thought of craftsmanship brings one closer to the action with their highly customised features that are carefully designed to meet the needs of serious anglers.

Predator MX is the first in the series. It measures 3.7 meters in length and 0.86 meters in width. This   model weighs about 82 pounds and can carry loads of up to 400 pounds. Predator XL on the other hand is 4 meters in length with 0.91 meters width. It weighs about 92 pounds with a maximum capacity of up to 600 pounds. This is weight without the consoles. Predator 13 closes the list with a length of 4 meters and width of 0.85m. It weighs 86 pounds and with a maximum capacity of 425 pounds.

Old Town Predator series is packed safety and stability enhancing features that include Tri-Hull, stand up assist strap and Slip resistant Exo-Ridge deck that gives the angler an excellent on the water fishing platform. The Exo-ridge tankwell keeps the paddler and their gear dry and secure. The series is also fitted with click seal cover used for storing large bags, tackle boxes and motor batteries. There is also a centre console for additional storage.

 Old Town predator was made for fishing enthusiasts and most of its features are meant to enhance the comfort of the anglers. The slide-mount holders and the paddle rests allow hands free use.

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