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5 Careers You Didn’t Realize Were Artistic

With all the career options available today it can make a persons head spin when trying to decide what you want to be when you grown up. If you are someone who has an artistic bent but does not necessarily want to paint pictures or write poetry, don’t despair! There is a job out there

Cooking As a Form of Art

This post is guest authored by Kevin from You can find out more about’s programs for aspiring chefs here. We need food to function and without it we are nothing as human beings. Each culture has its own unique food and ways of preparing food. Some individuals even go to culinary arts schools

4 Reasons To Make Jewelry As A Hobby

Whether you’ve drooled over a stunning emerald and diamond ring, one of the many May birthstone rings, or just a chic pair of earrings out on the market, you know the pull of great jewelry. Exceptionally stylish jewelry is worth every penny that you pay for it, and making it can be one of the

Inspiration From Architecture – Beautiful Modern Houses

Home design is constantly evolving.  While most people like to ogle the most expensive houses in the world, there are plenty of beautifully designed houses that aren’t in the multi-million dollar range.  Here are a few examples of beautiful modern architecture in respectably priced structures. Here’s a really cool modern boxy kinda house. I love