Birthday customs and celebrating my best birthday ever

Birthdays are special days that are normally marked with celebration. We often go to extra lengths to make these days as special as possible. This is because birthdays are… well, special!

One’s birthday day is an exceptional day since it is the day when the individual came into this world. The birthday marks the beginning of a new and unique life here on earth. We commemorate birthdays to appreciate the duration we have been living since we were introduced into the world. It is a day to look back into our lives and see what we have achieved and how we have developed.

It has become a common culture for people all around the world to celebrate birthdays with friends and family. Members of the family who live together almost always celebrate birthdays together and people who are not close to family members many times celebrate the day with friends. It has increasingly become popular for birthdays to be celebrated even at work. Workmates usually throw a small celebration for the birthday person; many person this involves singing and eating of cake.

Birthdays do not always fall on convenient days. Many times we are forced to continue with our daily working routines on our birthdays. Luckily my birthday this year fell on a Saturday.

My fiancé insisted that we should celebrate the day in the outdoors. We were both great outdoor enthusiasts and celebrating my birthday in the outdoors was a brilliant idea. On a vacation the previous year we had travelled to Europe and in a beautiful Greek island we had discovered recreational kayaking. Unfortunately we had discovered it on the very last day of our vacation. We had loved kayaking so much and had decided to do it again in the future.

My birthday was the perfect day to go out kayaking once again. Ever since we had come back from the vacation we had not been able to find a day when we could conveniently go and enjoy kayaking.

As such we cleared up all activities for the weekend and dedicated the two days for visiting a kayaking resort that was a few miles out of town.

The weather was very good when we drove down to the resort. We were very excited with what the weekend held for us and the kayaking resort did not disappoint in any way.

The resort turned out to be the perfect way for me to celebrate my birthday with my fiancé. The resort was quite experienced in accommodating people celebrating their birthdays and they organized a very good stay for us. We spent many hours on a beautiful inflatable tandem kayak painted with a huge “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” message which the resort specially provided for us.

For the two days I felt special with all the guests wishing me a good birthday and some buying me small presents. That Saturday evening the resort had an exemplary ceremony for me where a live band sang birthday songs dedicated to me. The resort gifted me with a huge cake which I cut and shared with all the guests in the resort amid lots of celebration.

So far I think that was the best birthday I have ever had.

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