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A closer look at the Pelican apex kayak and its advantages

Kayaking is on its own league when compared to other outdoor activities. It is one of those tremendous activities that will provide an avenue for workouts while giving unequaled view to the best that Mother Nature can offer. What makes kayaking more alluring is the opportunity given to kayakers to share the fun with other

Comparing the old town predator Vs the Sea Eagle 370 kayaks

Sea Eagle 370 canoe is another piece of fine art from the Sea Eagle Manufacturer. This kayak is the improved version of sea Eagle 330. It comes in a bigger size enhanced with better features necessary for the best kayaking experience. Sea Eagle 370 is slightly longer compared to 330 models and therefore better suited

A deeper look into Sea eagle 330 inflatable kayaks

Sea Eagle Kayaks are among the most popular inflatable kayaks found in the market today. Sea Eagle manufactures are popularly known to produce high quality products and already has inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats as their mainstream products available in the market. They offer a wide variety; up to eight different kayak models that one

The Inuit people, and the invention of the kayak

The Inuit people are a people who have inhabited Greenland for many years. The Inuit community has ingeniously managed to survive pretty comfortably in the harsh environments of the chilly island in the northern hemisphere. In a place where many would find no reason to live there due to the bleak prospects of finding food

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 & the Sevylor Fiji inflatable kayaks

For those that love adventure in open waters, the sight of the unending horizon and the beautiful view of sun setting in the horizons, kayaking is the best way to experience the complete package. With a good kayak, one can stay afloat for as long as they want without the worry of drowning. A few

A closer look at the Oldtown Vapor kayak & the Intex Explorer K2 kayak

Individuals who shop for kayaks are mostly interested in finding a kayak that will maximise benefits in terms of functionality, safety and reliability. This is a set of the first three things that will click into one’s mind when shopping for kayaks. Price should also be reasonable and manageable.  Old town vapor kayak & intex

Birthday customs and celebrating my best birthday ever

Birthdays are special days that are normally marked with celebration. We often go to extra lengths to make these days as special as possible. This is because birthdays are… well, special! One’s birthday day is an exceptional day since it is the day when the individual came into this world. The birthday marks the beginning

My love affair with kayaking has kept strong since childhood to adulthood

I love kayaking a lot. I grew up in a town that was close to two huge rivers that had calm waters where many of the locals went fishing and we had all kinds of water recreational activities in them. The rivers were channels of transport for all kinds of water vessels that moved goods

Finding inspirational and enjoyable recreation in kayaks

Finding inner peace is important especially in this day and age when the challenges of life seem to be bent on making the modern day urban dweller go crazy or crumble under the pressure. Our life today is a daily hustle of trying to make ends meet in an unforgiving world where you have to

What to do during vacation and weekends, a peek preview at family kayaking

During our free time, when we are not working, we love to do something else that will bring us joy and help refresh our capacities by relaxing and doing less strenuous or demanding activities. There are many activities that people can engage in during their vacations and weekends which can efficiently help them relax and