A deeper look into Sea eagle 330 inflatable kayaks

Sea Eagle Kayaks are among the most popular inflatable kayaks found in the market today. Sea Eagle manufactures are popularly known to produce high quality products and already has inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats as their mainstream products available in the market. They offer a wide variety; up to eight different kayak models that one can choose from. There is always a Sea Eagle to suit any person.

Sea Eagle 330 is the smallest of the models offered by the manufacturer and it is also the most affordable in the list. Despite their small size, the 330 kayak is strong, sturdy and durable and the best type for beginners, families, dogs and for use during camping trips. This kayak is capable of carrying a huge load of up to 500lbs. It only weighs 26lbs making it extremely portable, easy enough for a child to carry but large enough to carry up 500 pounds of weight. Sea Eagle 300 is capable of padding in white water as well as flat waters.

Specifications and features

The sea Eagle 300 has a rugged structure capable of carrying up to 500lbs when inflated properly. This kayak also features an I-beam construction and a 300 millimeters thick exterior with excellently welded seams. It also carries inflatable spray skirts that are aligned with front and back rope handles. The sea eagle 300 has a sleek body that stretches up to eleven feet in length and 34 inches width when fully inflated.  Sea Eagle 300 is designed to carry two people but the deluxe seats can be adjusted to enhance the comfort of a solo paddler. They are also easy to set up compared to other models of inflatable kayaks; it takes about five minutes to set up the Sea Eagle 300 kayak.

A self-draining valve is fitted to empty water that could get inside the kayak during rougher rides on rapids and on white waters, a feature that is used to enhance safety while padding with the kayak. This kayak also comes with a three year warranty from the manufacturer (Sea Eagle manufacturers are famous for this) that is aimed at assuring the buyers that they are spending their money on quality products.

 Handling and comfort

Sea Eagle 300 is very versatile. It utilizes both canoe or kayak paddles on lakes, rivers or along the shores of an ocean. Weighing only 26 pounds, this type of kayak is light enough to bring with you to any part of the world. Handling and steering is excellent especially for beginners since the two skegs are attached to the bottom side of the kayak. It only requires little practice to paddle the kayak with remarkable speeds.

This kayak is a monster on streams and small rivers. It is however, difficult to achieve some good speed on open waters with this type of kayak. The situation would be worse when heavy wind is present.

For very little money, one gets a decent kayak that includes two paddles, two seats, a foot pump, a storage bag and a repair kit. Sea Eagle 300 is the jack of all trades; one that offers a lot for lesser money.

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