A closer look at the Pelican apex kayak and its advantages

Kayaking is on its own league when compared to other outdoor activities. It is one of those tremendous activities that will provide an avenue for workouts while giving unequaled view to the best that Mother Nature can offer. What makes kayaking more alluring is the opportunity given to kayakers to share the fun with other people. Thanks to pelican Apex for bringing such experiences to reality.

Pelican International is a well-known designer and manufacturer of high quality kayaks. Being in the industry for more than 45 years, they therefore know what it takes to deliver extremely durable, affordable and high quality kayaks. They know how to deliver what water lovers will call quality products. Just as in their quality, the pricing of their products is higher compared to those of other manufacturers available in the market. This means that one has to dig deeper into their pockets to lay their hands on any of these master piece kayak models.

While pelican manufacturers won’t go for the latest sleek designs and high performance kayaks, they will do just fine with moderate features suitable for beginners who want to experiment the sport either in lakes, flat water creeks and other recreational areas that include the ponds. They split their products into two lines that include sit-in and sit-on-top models. Within the two lines, one can get a recreational, touring and a sporting kayak.


Pelican Apex kayak manufacturers know the importance of storage space to a serious kayaker. As such, they have provided ample storage space in their Pelican apex models to give enough space for kayaking gear and other personal effects. Pelican apex kayaks are fitted with bungees to make it easy for paddlers to keep their gear within arm’s reach.


It takes a lot of experience for manufacturers to deliver quality products to the market. And so, being in market for more than four decades, Pelican manufactures are ahead of the curve as regards the materials they use for their products. Pelican Apex is not an exception. The polyethene used to make these kayaks undergo twin sheet thermoforming process to give the kayaks that extra life in the market. This will definitely allow peace of mind to any serious kayaker. They also have their own Ram-X material that ensures the safety of the paddler while paddling in difficult environments.

 A monster on waters

Most of the kayaks require a great deal of energy to propel. Pelican apex on the other hand will move swiftly like a hot knife placed on butter. With less than 70 pounds, these kayaks are light enough to be carried by a teenager but strong enough to carry to adults. With the handles placed in the right places, one will know exactly where to grab.


Pelican apex comes with lots of dimples and other spots to mount various accessories. One can customize their kayaks to look just the way they want them to be. Among the commonly fitted accessories include cleats, fishing pole mounts and anchor trolleys. Pelican apex kayaks offers much more than the basics. They are a great bargain for both beginners and experienced kayakers.

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