A closer look at the Oldtown Vapor kayak & the Intex Explorer K2 kayak

Individuals who shop for kayaks are mostly interested in finding a kayak that will maximise benefits in terms of functionality, safety and reliability. This is a set of the first three things that will click into one’s mind when shopping for kayaks. Price should also be reasonable and manageable.  Old town vapor kayak & intex explorer K2 kayaks are two model sets that take each of these aspects into close consideration. This therefore assures the buyers that they are buying a complete package of safe, reliable and reasonably priced kayaks.

Old Town Vapor Kayak

This is a great kayak especially for beginners. It is affordable and one can find their own with less than $400 from most of the recognized stores. This model features a polythene constructed hull that is light in weight and extremely robust.

What can Old Town Vapor Offer?

 With a relatively short hull, the Old Town Vapor moves smoothly on the waters and also turns with a lot of ease. It has a small size and therefore takes a small space in the garage compared to other longer boats. It is made of a tough polyethene material that can handle most of the challenges in the aquatic environment.

The seats are easily adjustable to personalise ones position in the cockpit ensuring that the paddler stays comfortable the whole day. There is also the adjustable foot brace that ensures an efficient paddling position. This feature enhances the paddling of the canoe without requiring great deal of effort. Equipped with paddle rest, beverage holder and a cockpit tray, Old Town Vapor is one of those kayaks that provide much more than the basics.

Intex explorer K2 kayak

Intex explorer K2 is one of the most popular inflatable kayaks available in the market today. This model can accommodate two adult paddlers and therefore a great bargain for those who love tandem kayaking. They are reasonably priced and therefore don’t require one to break the bank so as to full fill their kayaking dreams.

This model is best suited for use in mild lakes and rivers. The material used to make this kayak can also allow for kayaking in more challenging environments such as streams and rapids. Intex Explorer K2 is more suited for beginners which they mostly use for recreational purposes. One can take their fishing rod and go fishing with intex explorer K2 kayak, though you need to be bit skilled to use it for fishing.

Intex explorer K2 kayak weighs around 37 pounds with a load capacity of up to 350 pounds. This kayak offers ample space for two adults while allowing for ease in paddling. It is also fitted with a Boston valve that allows for easy inflating and deflating.

Other notable features with intex explorer K2 kayak include easy assembling and the vivid colour that has a sporty look. They are also fitted with removable skegs, inflatable seats and ample space that allows for easy paddling.

Unlike other inflatable kayaks that might not stay for long after buying, intex explorer K2 kayak is quite durable. It is made up of rugged Vinyl that is very resilient.

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