5 Careers You Didn’t Realize Were Artistic


With all the career options available today it can make a persons head spin when trying to decide what you want to be when you grown up. If you are someone who has an artistic bent but does not necessarily want to paint pictures or write poetry, don’t despair! There is a job out there for you; it just may not be what you expected.

1.Web Developer – A web developer must be somewhat artistic by nature. They must take a vision that is “seen” by their client  and turn that vision into a website. A well designed website is a must in today’s internet driven world and   web developers are in high demand. A web developer must also be able to stay focused and write code for long periods of  time. They usually knowseveral different kinds of code so that they may be of service to a varied client base.

2.Packaging Designer – When a person goes to the store to pick a product they are inundated by the vast amount of choices they have. That is why the way a package looks and feels in your hand is so vitally important to a business. Our eyes are  naturally drawn to certain colors and the more attractive the outer packaging the more we are drawn to that product. Packaging designers are another set of workers who must be able to take a vision and turn it into something tangible.

3.Project Manager – A project manager is responsible for bringing together the needed components of a project and seeing sa  project through to its completion. Because project managers are used for so many different types of industries the salary ranges can vary significantly. They are used throughout all industries, from healthcare to large museums to raising a new building. A project manager must be a methodical planner and strong manager to be able to successfully bring a project to fruition.

4.Museum Technician – Museum technicians work to create exhibits for all of the items a museum wishes to display. Some might specialize in fossils while others in textiles. The individual may also work to help preserve the objects and prepare them for storage. Being somewhat artistic is a must for anyone who is interested in this field.

5.Engineering – While the name alone would not imply anything artistic, an Engineer certainly can be an artist. Bridges are   designed by Engineers, as are some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The giant Pyramids in Egypt were designed by Engineers, the Roman aqueducts and the Via Appia, which can still be seen today. Engineers design sleek cars, giant Ferris wheels, great cathedrals, and small houses. Some of the art sold today are old engineering drawings which have been framed such as cars and boats.

The jobs available for those who have an artistic interest are many and varied. It is really just a matter of using your imagination and some initiative to find the job that is perfect for you.


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